you can help

Want to Help? Please Donate!

We are not a charity. So why are we asking you to part with your hard earned cash?

We believe that our cause truly matters and it provides support and relief to families at the most difficult time in their lives.
Community patients being cared for on a frequent basis can be subject to a gap fee, meaning that the patient and/or their family are out of pocket. It is important to remember that caring for someone is extremely demanding, physically, emotionally, socially, culturally, spiritually and even financially.

In order to facilitate the ongoing care, whenever possible, Geelong Palliative Care Group waiver any out of pocket costs for patients and their families.
We want to continue to do this for as many patients as possible for many years to come. To make sure we can continue to care for the most vulnerable people in our community, we ask anyone in a position to help to make a donation, no matter how small, whenever possible.

“ Palliative Care touches all of us at some stage in our lives, as a family member, friend and eventually as a patient. ”

At its core, donating helps you to connect with our passion and our cause. We see families and friends are desperately trying to keep things "normal" when they really feel their entire world is collapsing around them. We know the stress levels are high, feel the strain on relationships and see people pushed out of their comfort zone as they try to adjust to the new circumstances. We are not trying to convince you. We know you already care. So if you can, please donate.