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I am a Carer of Family Member

Finding out someone you love is going to die can come as a real a shock. The world has suddenly changed.
Anxiety, sadness and even anger at the news are all normal reactions. Family and carers are at the core of Palliative Care.

We make sure that you receive all the support you need.

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Palliative Care Information for Carers

With Palliative Care, the aim is to help your loved one live as comfortable and well as possible. A critical part of that is helping them stay in control.
This involves looking after all of their needs with physical, emotional, social, cultural, spiritual and maybe even financial support.

We completely understand that Paliative Care Service extends to Family, Friends and Carers.

Caring for a person is demanding. It is extremey hard to try and keep things "normal" when nothing about the situation is normal.
Relationships are strained as people try to adjust to the circumstances.
It is important to understand that Palliative Care affects all of us at some stage in our lives, as a patient, carer, family member, neighbour or friend.

And remember to look after yourself and get all the support you need. Help is available for carers, including family and friends providing care.

We offer practical support to families and carers

  • Help with your concerns and emotions
  • Advice on how to give care, including medications
  • Help to get equipment to help with moving the ill person and their comfort
  • Advice and support available, including during the evening, night and at weekends
  • Respite care – either at home or in a facility – to give a break from providing care