How we got to where we are today - Our Success Story

Caroline had been working in Health Care Facilities in the Greater Geelong Region for many years
when something became increasingly clear to her...

Our Realisation - Fill the Void

Across most branches of medicine, access to Private Specialist Care is readily available. But when someone has a cancer diagnosis, or develops a life limiting condition, Specialist Care is very hard to find. Patients and their families were extremely limited in specialist options for access to Palliative Care.

Absolutely not satisfied with such a limited range of treatment options at crucial moments in a person's final stages of life, Caroline decided she needed to become the change she was looking for.

Founding the Geelong Palliative Care Group in February 2017 fundamentally changed the Palliative Care landscape for patients in the Greater Geelong Region.

People living with an incurable illness or a debilitating chronic disease now have direct access to world class Palliative Care.

Caroline Murtagh
Dr. Caroline Murtagh

MB BCh BAO BMedSci, Clin Dip Pall Med